Protect Your Future Investment with Bechtel Insurance

Your home is many things. It is the culmination of your lifelong dream of homeownership. It is the chief symbol of your duty to provide for your family. It is the one place on earth where you can look forward to peace and quiet. It is also an investment that secures your comfortable retirement.

Total Peace of Mind

To say that your home is important would be a gross understatement. Unfortunately, it is anything but immune to peril. When you want total peace of mind that your most valuable possession is protected against floods, fires, adverse weather, theft, vandalism, lawsuits and more, you only need Bechtel Insurance.

Making it Simple for You

Finding the ideal auto insurance policy is seldom a straightforward process. It requires careful consideration of how frequently you drive, your driving record, and which kinds of vehicles you own and who drives them. If you pick two drivers at random, the odds that their needs would be fully met by the same insurance policy are infinitesimally small.

Our family-owned second-generation insurance agency understands this perfectly. That is why we initiate each client relationship with an open discussion. Once we have ascertained your budget and circumstances, we will be poised to tailor the ideal auto policy for your unique needs.

We Insure All Types of Residences

Whether you’re renting, leasing or mortgaging – or you already own your home in full – we offer precisely the coverage you need to keep your residence safe and secure.

  • Condo insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Single-family home insurance
  • Mobile home insurance
  • Landlord insurance

Secure Full Coverage With Bechtel Insurance

Protect Your Home

Lightning. Fire. Hail. Theft. No homeowners policy is complete unless it safeguards the policyholder’s property against these common forms of damage. We create even greater peace of mind by offering coverages for floods, roof cave-ins, falling objects, sudden electrical discharge, insect infestation, government interference, and all the other perils Midwestern homeowners must face on a daily basis.

Protect Your Belongings

Your home isn’t just where you live. It’s also where you keep your valuable possessions. In addition to the structure itself, a comprehensive Bechtel Insurance homeowners policy covers furniture, clothing, jewelry, sporting goods, and any other valuable personal property you could own.

Protect Your Finances

If you, a family member or a pet causes property damage or physical injury, your homeowners policy’s liability protection can help cover your legal fees and court-mandated fines. And if a disaster forces you to vacate your residence for any amount of time, your homeowners policy can cover your hotel stay, meals and other everyday living expenses while you rebuild.

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